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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free Printable Labels from

I've really been on an organizing kick lately and I really want to take it one step further with some labels.  I've been trying to find some free ideas that were cute and colorful.  Thank you Better Homes & Gardens.  Look at how these are.  They are free and you can type on them.  All you have to do is print and cut them out and attach.  You could even print them on an Avery full sheet label and cut out the labels to make stickers instead.  Each label comes in Green, Blue & Orange.  When you go into each label to download, there are three full sheets of each color.  Use the colors you want or use them all.

OH-MY-GOSH.....the inspiration you are about to see.  I was so inspired, I wanted to share with all of you.  Now you can take those pretty labels above and use them somewhere in your home.  Right?  Enjoy!!!  :) 
Address Labels

Book Belongs To Label

Calendar/Planner Labels

Jarring Labels

Supply Drawer Organizer Labels.

File Folder Labels

Kids Room

Girls Room Organization Labels

Key Tag Labels

Basket Labels

Basket Labels

Labels inside luggage tags

Menu Organization Labels

"To-Go" Bag Labels

Pantry Labels

Jar Labels

Bucket Tags

Shelf Labels

Canister Tags

Toy Basket Labels

Toy Basket Labels

Kids Closet Organization Labels

Desk/Office Organization Labels

{all pictures via}

Label Size ideas and other links next to each picture.

Some of the labels in the above pictures can be found right on BHG site.  Each picture has a little description of the picture next to it and some links to more labels, like the file folder labels.

So which labels do you love?  What are you going to use them for?  Which ideas do you like best?

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :) 


  1. Looking fantastic Mekaela, you must be getting so excited and starting the countdown. All the best for sunshine next week. ;-
    red onyx tile

  2. Ohhhh, how I LOVE this soooo much! Very eye-catchy and at the same time very organized. I wanna do like this at home. Thanks anyways for the share. ;) decal stickers


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